Wedding Pictures

A few pics from the day before, on the way, getting ready, the ceremony, the pool party, watermelon rugby, the salon, the saloon (or you’d think so for how many pictures there are of us drinking outside the reception venue), some formal pics, the reception, the emergency room and, finally, the honeymoon:




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Wrapping It Up

Hi. We’re home from our honeymoon and have lots of pictures to sort through and post, but we’re retiring this site. Check us out at our new internet home:

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Last Minute FAQ’s

Only 2 more days!!!

I thought I’d do one last post so I could address some frequently asked questions:

Q: What should I wear?
A: You will need 2 outfits. For the ceremony, you should wear a swim suit and beach cover-up. Think sarongs, sun dresses, light shorts and hawaiian shirts… comfortable, casual, summery, and conducive to jumping in the pool!
For the reception, you should wear semi formal or formal evening wear. Wear what you would normally wear to a wedding. Get dressed up for us!

Q: How can I change in between these two events?
A: If you are staying in a hotel in Milwaukee, I would recommend changing there. If you aren’t, try to buddy-up with someone who is so you can use their place to change in. The majority of the guests are staying at the Hotel of the Arts Days Inn, so if you go there, you’ll be able to find a shower and place to change.

Q: Are people really going to swim after the ceremony?
A: Yes! And you should too. Bring your swimsuit, towel, and goggles even if you aren’t sure you want to jump in. You may change your mind…

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Taco Truck is a go!

UPDATED! Sarah’s dream of having street food at her wedding is one step closer to becoming a reality. Yesterday we talked to Jose of Taqueria Arandas in Milwaukee, and he assured us he would drive his taco truck to Brown Deer and park outside of the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center at 1pm on August 7th. So if you’ll be hanging out after the ceremony and want something a little hardier than the Pita Inn spreads we’re planning to bring, order whatever you want from the taco truck on us.

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Time is running out to book your room in Milwaukee!

If you haven’t booked a room yet, it’s time. The hotels will release all the rooms on July 7th. It may still be possible to get our wedding rate after the 7th, but I don’t know how long the rooms will last. Wow, that means it’s only a little over a month until the wedding!

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Bring Your Own Towel, that is. The people at the pool tell us they will be able to provide some towels for the post-ceremony pool party, but guests should definitely bring their own if possible.

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Hotel Room Blocks Reserved

It’s been tough negotiating out there trying to find rooms for August.  Apparently, Milwaukee is a big summer festival town and everything books up quickly.  So, if you’re thinking you’ll be able to make it to the wedding, you might take a peek at our accommodations page sooner than later.  Thanks!

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