Our Story

August 14th, 2004

Sarah and Aaron met Drew, Felicity and some friends in Chicago’s Greektown for Drew’s birthday. After dinner, we posed for “prom” pictures.

You can see in Aaron’s left arm that he’s trying to keep a safe, respectful distance.

8/14/2004, 6 weeks before first kiss, posing for 'Prom' pictures in Greektown.

6 weeks before our first kiss

August 1st, 2009

Moments before this picture was taken at the wedding of Aaron’s cousin Megan to John Cheever, Aaron says to himself, “if she catches the bouquet, I’ll ask her toduet (toduet, pronounced “today,” is French for “NOW, FINALLY, AFTER FIVE YEARS ALREADY!”)

She caught it and so here we are, happy, out of focus, and engaged!
Two months later, she even had a ring to prove it.

8/1/2009,  out of focus, but engaged!

Engaged in Seattle