Getting to the Reception

The reception will be at the Urban Ecology Center (UEC) in Riverside Park, at 1500 East Park Place, only a few miles north of downtown Milwaukee.

We encourage guests to go without a car for the evening. There are many car-free ways to get to and from the UEC:

By Bus

The #30 bus passes right by the Straz Tower Dorms, but there is a 12 minute walk from where it lets you off to get to the UEC (total travel time: 30 min) Click here for more detailed directions
A 15-minute walk from the Hotel of the Arts Days Inn gets you to the #15 bus which lets off a mere 2 blocks from the UEC (total travel time: 30 minutes) Click here for more detailed directions
The #15 Bus is a 3-minute walk from Hotel Metro, so this is the most direct door-to-door service of the three (total travel time: 20 min) Click here for more detailed directions

By Shuttle

The Hotel of the Arts has a 7 passenger van that they claim will take guests anywhere in the city as long as they arrange it ahead of time. They tell us that we can even arrange for guests to be picked up after the reception to be taken back to the hotel!
The Hotel Metro has a biodiesel-fueled “Metro cab” that guests can reserve free of charge. I still am trying to confirm whether it can pick up guests for the return trip.

By Bicycle

Ok, so it might not be the most convenient to pedal in heels and strap a helmet on over your fancy coif, but biking is an option. You’d have to bring a bike from home and scope out the route beforehand, but it could happen.

By Taxi

A cab from the hotel to the UEC should be about $10. There are several Taxi Companies in Milwaukee, and we hear that you always have to call for a cab – you can’t just hail one off the street.
Yellow Cab Cooperative: 414-271-2710 or 414-271-6630
Taxi-American United Taxi Company: 414-220-5000

Driving Directions

If you do choose to drive, it should only take about 10 minutes from any of the hotels and there is a big parking lot at the UEC (drive right past the center and across a bridge to the lot.) Here are the detailed directions and travel times from each of the 3 hotel options:

From Straz Tower (3.8 mi – about 12 mins)

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From Hotel of the Arts (2.8 mi – about 8 mins)

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From Hotel Metro (2.9 mi – about 9 mins)

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