We know that almost all of you will be coming from very far away. Thanks for travelling so far to help us celebrate. Below are details and tips for all the different modes of transport you may be considering:

The closest airport is the General Mitchell Intl Airport in Milwaukee (MKE on all the flight search engines). You could also fly in to Chicago and drive the 1.5 hours north, but from what I’ve heard, oftentimes the flights to Milwaukee are cheaper than the flights to O’Hare. If you search on Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak, Hotwire etc. and put in CHI (for Chicago) as your airport code, then check the box for “include nearby airports” I think Milwaukee will come up as an option.

If you fly into Milwaukee and don’t rent a car, there are a couple of ways to get to they city:
Airport Connection is a shared ride van service stops outside Baggage Claim Door #3 – purchase tickets inside first. This should cost $20 for round trip service, or $11 one way. There are also taxis that should cost about $30. Hotel Metro and Hotel of the Arts may have a free pick-up shuttle service from the airport.

For people coming up from Chicago, taking the train is probably the most stress-free way to travel. No fighting the Friday evening traffic to get out of the city, and you can go straight from downtown Chicago to Downtown Milwaukee.
Amtrak round trip from Chicago should be about $22 if you book in advance.

Greyhound for longer distances I think this saves you money over Amtrak (and runs some routes that Amtrak doesn’t) but for a shorter distance it costs about the same as the train but is slower. And can be a little sketchy.
Megabus is a new competitor of Greyhound that I hear is more pleasant to ride. It has many routes all over the midwest, and definitely goes from Chicago to Milwaukee. If you are willing to travel at really off hours and you book really early it’s only like $1. But at normal times it is normal prices.

Milwaukee is just 1.5-2 hours north of Chicago (depending on traffic). You just take 94 west north past Great America and the Mars Cheese Castle and you’re there. And now you have a car to help cart around all those free-loading guests who flew, trained or bussed in!  

If you are coming from the Chicago area, it is possible to bike to Milwaukee, if you are hardcore like Colin Sheaff.

Years and years before he ever knew he would be getting married there, Aaron started trying to get people to do the “Walk to Milwaukee”. I think it was going to be an Amazing Race style competition in which pairs of competitors went on foot from Chicago to Milwaukee. So realize Aaron’s dream, and walk to our wedding! (I’m kidding. You’d be too tired to play in the pool.)