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The Day-of Info and Tips

The ceremony is at noon, but feel free to arrive as early as 11:30 am. If it’s really hot outside, we’ve been told the pool can get a little muggy.  Either way, we recommend wearing swim attire with a light beach-style cover-up. There are locker rooms, so feel free to bring a suit and change once you arrive. After the brief ceremony, we imagine that you will be inspired to jump in the pool with us as much to cool off as to show your solidarity with our union. If you have pool toys, snorkeling gear, anything inflatable, please bring it! We will have the entire Olympic sized pool to ourselves for 2 hours after the ceremony. There will be some snacks out after the ceremony and we are working on getting a food truck to come by for people who want to grab a quick lunch but also stay for the pool party. There is a park with a picnic area outside the pool building.

Whether you leave right after the ceremony or stay for the entire pool party, you will have lots of down time between ceremony and reception. We recommend taking a nap at your hotel and then getting all dolled up for our formal reception. If you are too excited to sleep and want to maximize your weekend in Milwaukee, you could go see the fabulous Milwaukee Art Museum or take a walk on the lakefront. But try to resist having a late lunch and save your appetite for the reception!

The Urban Ecology Center is a nature center in a park, so feel free to arrive before the official start time of 6:30 so you can explore all the outdoor areas. There are some nature paths through the woods leading down to the river, a four story observation tower from which you can survey your surroundings, wildflower gardens and a little pond with a resident duck couple.

The Hors D’oevres and dinner will be catered by the people who pointed us to the place, Beans and Barley. Yes, it’s all vegetarian, but we hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of hummus and raw vegetables and the savory, satisfying dishes we decided on.

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